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March 22, 2014 has

been dedicated to:

Ron & Niki St. Hill

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Ron & Niki's Wedding Day

Date : March 22, 2014

Owner : Ron & Niki St. Hill

Purchased By : Niki St.Hill

Why This Day Is Important :

March 22, 2014 marks the beginning of a lifetime of tremendous love, infinite happiness and eternal blessings. Living life to its fullest began on this day for us and we share this commitment and take great pride in knowing we are each others gift from God. We are soul mates, we make each other whole, we respect each other, we balance each other and we love our families, children and each other. Love has traveled 2,572 miles to bring us together, that is what makes March 22, 2014 our special day, our wedding day. I love you so very much Ronnie, you are my soul mate and I will show you everyday how special you are :-)
Happy Anniversary!!!!!! I Super Love You XOXO

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