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October 12, 2014 has

been dedicated to:

Robert & Tenney Pipis

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Robert & Tenney Pipis's 1st Anniversary

Date : October 12, 2014

Owner : Robert & Tenney Pipis

Purchased By : Robert Pipis

Why This Day Is Important :

This is the day that two people made a commitment to love, cherish, respect, and be faithful to one another...and of course, support each other at the crab buffet, always make sure the other doesn't drink alone, not be afraid to ask the other to use mouthwash if they need it, grab a booger if it is hanging out, tell each other when something is in their teeth, let the other know their farts stink, tell each other where their side of the bed is, and last but not least, to make sure they spray after blowing up the bathroom.

I love you Tenney Pipis

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