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January 08, 1962 has

been dedicated to:

Judith Lynn Crouch

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Judith Lynn Edwards Crouch Birthdate

Date : January 08, 1962

Owner : Judith Lynn Crouch

Purchased By : Mary Kranig

Why This Day Is Important :

This is the day, 50 years ago, that our dearest beautiful little daughter was born in Lodi California. She has been and always will be the light of our life. Our pride, our joy and the best miracle that has ever happened to us.

She has blessed us with a wonderful son in law Steven and three beautiful grandchildren. Nicholas, Michael and Tessa.
She is a dedicated wife, mother and extraordinary nurse.

She has accomplished so much in her life and everyday makes life easier for someone else with her exceptional nursing skills.

She is a blessing to so many in so many ways and we all thank the Lord for her everyday.

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